From Checkers to Elijah’s Harbor

Joe and Pati Gatas were on the fast track. Owning 25 Checkers Franchises and COO of 25 Burger King and 47 Pizza Hut restaurants was just a small part of their portfolio of enterprises. But God had even bigger plans for this dynamic driven couple.

Joe and Pati were key members of Open Bible Baptist Church in New Jersey. Pastor George Riddell and his wife Desiree were invited by Dr. Tom Farrell as guest at Elijah’s Harbor Christian Retreat. Along with four other couples in Ministry, George and Desiree had a week of fellowship, rest and retreat.

“I was speaking with Retreat owner Mike Jackson about the future of The Harbor. Mike was looking for a couple to take over the retreat. I immediately thought of Joe and Pati, but was conflicted because the Gatas family is very important to our church.” Continue reading From Checkers to Elijah’s Harbor