Newness of Spring

Elijah’s Harbor is filled with newness in so many ways! Our new Ministry Directors Joe and Pati Gatas and initiating many new and exciting programs.

We now have a full-fledged Bed and Breakfast program at the mansion. Many couples are enjoying the suites, pools and spa, special dinners as a part of the new activity calendar.

The new Sikkelee Pools and Spa is in full operation. Families are jumping and bobbing in the new stone and brick pools.


New life is springing up. The latest is the family of six Peacock. Dad is as proud as a Peacock of his six new babies!


And you won’t believe the Gardens at Elijah’s Harbor. All the meals are prepared with fresh Herbs and veggies right from the soil!


And the best new editions? Our guest are joining The Harbor at record levels. Families, Churches, Youth Groups, Church Staff planning meetings, Christian Media training programs are filling the calendar. Contact Joe at 856.465.7650 today to get your group on the calendar!


A special thanks to all the young folks and churches that have done work days at The Harbor. The mountaintop is looking awesome and you have made a huge difference!



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