Rebuilding the Walls

Scripture tells the story of Nehemiah rebuilding the walls. As I was getting ready to enter the 2015 busy season at Elijah’s Harbor, the walls of the pools were in ill repair. 65,000 gallons of water pressing on the walls and waterfalls for over 15 years had created cracks and bulges and the three pumps and two heaters were showing their age.  It took a great amount of time, effort and money to keep everything working for our guest.

Then a preacher named Les Olila came driving up with a friend.  I knew something was unusual about this visit.  First, they pulled up in his friends brand new Corvette. Secondly, the friends name was Craig Sikkelee from Signature Pools in Greenville, South Carolina. Craig was visiting the Harbor with Les just to see what we were doing on this mountaintop. Immediately Craig was drawn to the two pools.  He could see I was in over my head and offered advice.  It was good to have a true industry expert tell me what needed to be done.

But, Craig gave more than advice.  He said “Mike, I am going to bring a crew down here and we are going to replace the mechanical equipment.” I knew this was going to be pricy and had to ask what he thought it would run. He said don’t be concerned. God has blessed Signature and we want to bless Elijah’s Harbor.  Craig spent an entire day installing a new heating system, new variable speed pumps, remote controls for the spa and pumps. The project came to over $12,000.00 and Craig refused any payment. Nata and I praised God for answered prayer that day. Craig Sikkelee was the help God sent to us.

Now we had a fantastically operating pool, but the walls and floor still had cracks and the waterfalls were bulging from time and pressure. It was a few weeks until we were going to have our first wedding at the Harbor. The plan was to have the bride and groom married on the durbin_wedding_pool_islandIsland with the waterfalls on both sides. Craig knew about the big event and sent crews from all over the Southeast to tear out the entire old structure and rebuild the walls and the pools with rock waterfalls, all new coping and a complete resurface with diamond tech coating.


We have learned over the years that God will always provide as we continue to follow His leading for His plans for Elijah’s Harbor. We have named the pools in honor of Craig.  Come and visit soon and be sure to bring your swim attire to enjoy The Sikklee Pools and Spa at The Harbor!


Mike Jackson

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