Stretch Limos and Zebras on the Mountaintop

Elijah’s Harbor is not your average retreat. And that is how we meant it to be! When I take guest on tours through the main mansion, I generally hear “wow” as we round corners to new parts of the 22,000 square foot retreat. I tell them, we built it with a goal. In every room someone says, Wow!

Each year we have continued to add new “wows!” Dr. Jim Berg and his family enjoyed a photo session with a new 1934 Ford 3 Window as the back-drop. The new sitting room on the third floor has become a favorite place for guest to enjoy. New Coffee Bar plans are under way and will be a great place to sip specialty coffees, do a little internet work and look at the north valley at the wildlife.

But, when the Zebra saw the 25 foot Cadillac stretch limoAnimals_Zebra_2Heads pulling up – I am sure I heard EZ the baby Zebra say “wow!” So what is a stretch limo doing at The Harbor anyway? Well first let me say that to run this amazing property, we have to watch every dime and rely on help from folks all over the world. So, here is the story. A great friend and businessman from Portland had a 2000 Cadillac stretch limo with only 7,000 miles as a part of his classic car family. He knew abowedding_limout The Harbor’s plans to start hosting weddings and came up with a plan to donate most of the cost of the limo.

We are having a ball picking up pastors and families and hearing them say “wow!” In fact, recently we picked up several of our guest and brought them tothe Mansion in style. The first wedding at The Harbor took place at the Sikkelee Pools and Spa at The Harbor and our Limo took the Wedding party out for dinner the night before.


Classic Cars have always been a part of Mike and Nata’s life. But, we never really expected a Limo but are very grateful to Jerry Logan the Founder of Bushwacker Inc. for making Elijah’s Harbor even a bigger “wow!”


Mike Jackson

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