“Wow, Awesome, Incredible”

There are many words that people use when they pull up to Elijah’s Harbor- “wow”, “awesome”, “incredible”, but the word we walked away saying was “thankful”.

Elijah’s Harbor partnered with our ministry, The Academy of Arts Ministries, this weekend as we came to Greeneville, TN to perform The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We came to Greeneville on tour with our production that will be traveling to Scotland in August as a part of the AHTSF (American High School Theatre Festival). Our mission through these programs is to spread awareness about the opportunity we will have to present Christ through our ministry on a global stage, as well as help raise the funds still needed to make the trip! After 4 SOLD OUT performances, our trip thermometer was raised $10,000 closer to meeting our goal!

While we were rejoicing about the funds we were able to raise, we were also praising the Lord for the ministry Elijah’s Harbor provided us! Housing and feeding a group of 67 is not an easy task for anyone to take on, but Joe and Patti Gatis provided a place to sleep for every member of our team as well as multiple meals during our stay! We brought high school students as well as adults on our trip, and the Harbor nourished them both physically and spiritually. Joe and Patti’s example of service, coupled with Joe’s testimony at the end of the stay was an extra reminder to us to keep “pressing on”, seeking the will of God for our lives and DOING it. It was such an encouragement to be able to remind our crew every moment of the trip what it meant to serve.

While most of the initial reactions pulling into the drive were exclamations of how “awesome” everything was, we drove away with a true awe of the work God had done, both through us and in us.

Thank you, Elijah’s Harbor, Joe and Patti, and Mike and Nita for sharing not only your possessions but your lives and hearts with us! It was an unforgettable weekend and one that we will cherish for years to come!

Jennifer Davis
The Academy of Arts Ministries
Graphic Design Manager

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