Pressure in the Pulpit

I went to Bible College in the late 70’s.  I learned allot of Bible knowledge but decided being a pastor was not my calling.  Over the years, I have watched those in leadership roles in the church and observed their lives and families.  The numbers are pretty disturbing.

American church statistics have reported:

  • In America, 3500 – 4000 churches close their doors each year
  • Half of all churches last year did not add one new member through conversion growth
  • Churches lose an estimated 2,765,000 people each year to nominalism and secularism
  • 1,400 pastors in America leave the ministry monthly.
  • Only 15% of churches in the United States are growing and just 2.2% of those are growing by conversion growth.
  • 10,000 churches in America disappeared in a five-year period.

If you think about it for a bit, church leaders hear lots of bad news every week.  Members of the church go to the pastor when they are having marital challenges, trouble with their children, job and financial crisis, health crisis and on and on.  A pastor is “on call” 24/7 and is expected to leave their own family day or night to be at the side of their flock.

It is no wonder the burn out and failure rate is impacting our churches.  The next time you see your pastor or clergy, give them a big smile, hug and tell them how great things are going and thank them for being a part of your life.  They will welcome this and much need it!

Elijah’s Harbor is not an ambulance at the bottom of the hill that takes away a burnt out Pastor.  Elijah’s Harbor is a upscale getaway Christian Retreat, Resort and Wildlife Preserve on the top of the mountain.  We are here to nurture, support and lift up our Church leaders.

Dr. Jim Berg SALT Retreat at Elijah's Harbor
Dr. Jim Berg and a group of young men and women that love the Lord spent Friday through Sunday at Elijah’s Harbor.

Recent events at The Harbor include:

  • Dr. Jim Berg’s SALT retreat with 25 young men and women
  • Dr. Tom Farrell’s LEAD Advance with about 15 church leaders and Christian Business couples
  • About a dozen Pastors with families on vacation at the Harbor
  • The upcoming Christian Media Camp in which about 35 young men and women will train for Christian Career Opportunities in Electronic Media.

Each month Men, Women, Couples and young adults travel to The Harbor from all over the world.  We would love to see you too!


Mike Jackson

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