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Elijah’s Harbor Guest Book

At Elijah’s Harbor, we are blessed to serve some of the nicest people anywhere. That’s a big part of what makes our ministry so special to us. Pastors, ministers, families, youth groups, church staff – it’s our privilige to  help by providing a place for christians to rest, rejuvenate, and rejoice. Many attendees and guests leave comments and feedback when they visit, and we would like to share a some of those with you:

“It was a welcoming, peaceful environment that gave us the opportunity to relax & getaway. It’s just beautiful here. the pool is fantastic!”
– Nathan & Tara Cherry

“I loved the grounds and being able to walk around and reconnect with God here. thank you so much for your ministry, it has been such a blessing!”

“The meals & your service was phenomenal…The atmosphere, the beauty, the time alone with God was incredible, Thank you!”

“This was the ideal place for a much needed spiritual retreat. The grounds were beautiful and the staff was friendly & Christ-Honoring! I can’t wait to come again!”

“Relaxing, amenities were great! Joe & Pati went above & beyond. The meal was phenomenal!! Loved the pool area, BEAUTIFUL!”

“People, Facilities, Surroundings were excellent…felt like a little piece of Heaven!! I feel like we are family, may you find the rest we found here.”
– Don Meyer

“The beautiful scenery, it was so peaceful & relaxing. The food was so good! Joe & Pati were amazing from the moment we got here, until the end. Such beautiful servants of the Lord! We are so sad to leave, we will be back!”
– Chris & Tanya

“Comfortable housing for a big family, beautiful surroundings, especially the pool. Joe & Pati are great, so hospitable!”
– Pastor Bieber

“A place to refresh the spirit, seek God’s guidance & relax the body & mind”
– Carl & Brinda

“It is so quiet, and private. The grounds are beautiful; nature, birds, the animals. The food was excellent, we’ve been spoiled!”
– Joe and Tanya

“The food was delicious, the atmosphere was absolutely beautiful & the service was out of this world! Thank you so much for such an AMAZING week!!!”
– Pastor Blackstock

“We were welcomed by some very wonderful people whose obvious goal was to serve us and encourage us. From that very moment till the time we left seven days later, we felt loved, appreciated, cared for, pampered…”
– Pastor Greg  & Chris

“We just returned from a Pastor’s retreat at Elijah’s Harbor. Amazing and refreshing would not even begin to describe our week there…Everyone was so kind and so helpful…”
– Pat & Dale

“Thank you for providing this retreat center! I know that God will reward you with MUCH more than you could ever hope for as you continue to be a channel that HE can pour His love through.”
– Ron J.

“We usually have between 10 and 15 couples. There is a huge need for couples to get away to spend time alone together and with God. Thanks for this ministry.”
– Robin F.

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