Pressure in the Pulpit

I went to Bible College in the late 70’s.  I learned allot of Bible knowledge but decided being a pastor was not my calling.  Over the years, I have watched those in leadership roles in the church and observed their lives and families.  The numbers are pretty disturbing.

American church statistics have reported:

  • In America, 3500 – 4000 churches close their doors each year
  • Half of all churches last year did not add one new member through conversion growth
  • Churches lose an estimated 2,765,000 people each year to nominalism and secularism
  • 1,400 pastors in America leave the ministry monthly.
  • Only 15% of churches in the United States are growing and just 2.2% of those are growing by conversion growth.
  • 10,000 churches in America disappeared in a five-year period.

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