Elijah’s Harbor Guest Book

At Elijah’s Harbor, we are blessed to serve some of the nicest people anywhere. That’s a big part of what makes our ministry so special to us. Pastors, ministers, families, youth groups, church staff – it’s our privilige to  help by providing a place for christians to rest, rejuvenate, and rejoice. Many attendees and guests leave comments and feedback when they visit, and we would like to share a some of those with you:

“It was a welcoming, peaceful environment that gave us the opportunity to relax & getaway. It’s just beautiful here. the pool is fantastic!”
– Nathan & Tara Cherry

“I loved the grounds and being able to walk around and reconnect with God here. thank you so much for your ministry, it has been such a blessing!”

“The meals & your service was phenomenal…The atmosphere, the beauty, the time alone with God was incredible, Thank you!”

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