Coffee Lovers: Raise Your Mugs!

There is an exciting project underway at Elijah’s Harbor. Mark Ferguson and his crew at Ferguson Builders have been donating their time and resources to build the Harbor a custom coffee bar.

coffee_cupAnd, this coffee bar will offer more than just coffee with cream and sugar. “Cappuccinos, lattes, Americano, Espressos are all on the menu,” said Joe Gatas, ministry director at the Harbor, “along with the future goal of smoothies and frozen drinks.”

Gatas plans to use the coffee bar for “events and socializing, “Come in and grab a cappuccino and meet other people.”

The goal: to honor God while serving coffee.

The Ferguson crew, based out of Greenville, South Carolina, is converting half of the workout room into this coffee/specialty drink area. A tiled floor will section off the area, while custom wood cabinets and granite countertops will enclose the barista space.


The panoramic view of the Smokey Mountains seen from the coffee bar, inspired its name, “Smokey Grounds.”

Gatas said they still have around $2,500 to raise toward the project, along with a Vitamix blender. “We continue to pray and trust God to provide.”

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